Ubuntu 11.10: A lot of problems …

I decided to update my notebook from Ubuntu 11.04 to the newest release Ubuntu 11.10. I did not expect any big problems since I had no real problem with the last updates. But it was different this time. The update went smooth, some questions about changed config files but no real problems.

One positive point: The login screen looks nice.

After the first login:

WTF, Unity desktop manager only? grml! I don’t like the unity stuff. I just want to have my console, browser, mail program open and switch between them fast. I don’t need that blingblinghoverfadesmoothscrollpop stuff. I tried the gnome fallback mode but it seems like a real fallback mode which appears like a stripped of version of the old gnome desktop. Also not very comfortable. So I’ll try unity now for some days but will switch to another window manager, maybe xfce.

The second and more annoying thing: When connecting to my home wlan the router crashes and refuses connections on WLAN/LAN. Yay! The new denial of service tool: Ubuntu 11.10. I have a buffalo router with OpenWRT firmware installed. The router is capable of broadband wifi (N). This seems to be a part of the problem. After disabling the N features in the intel driver of my lenovo w500 (03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Ultimate N WiFi Link 5300) it works as expected. For details take a look here.

Why are the folder (sort, threading, …) settings of my thunderbird gone? I have no clue.

That is the score after three hours using the new version …

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  1. Sirus LaiaNo Gravatar
    12:29 on October 19th, 2011

    I don’t like the update either. I’ve just reinstalled Ubuntu 10.04 and set Ubuntu classic as default. Sorry for Ubuntu team, who had worked hard to bring Unity to the masses. But it’s just not my taste.

  2. Vincent BentleyNo Gravatar
    00:02 on November 8th, 2011

    I have upgraded a few of my machines and found problems with both Desktop and Server. For desktops I have installed GNOME 3 Shell and I have found it much easier a jump than to Unity. I gave Unity a fair try but I always found it frustrating to use.

    The experience I had with Unity made me doubt that I would like GNOME 3 either but I have surprised myself as I am still using it weeks after the release of 11.10. I am now quite comfortable with GNOME 3 Shell as a replacement for GNOME Classic.

    The two servers that I upgraded to 11.10 would not display an intelligible console. GRUB2 on 11.10 defaults to graphics mode and I found that booting the 10.04 repair mode on the CD-ROM I could edit /etc/default/grub and get rid of the graphics mode.

    I have since made the decision to only run new servers on LTS releases. I have rebuilt two already from 11.04 back to 10.04.3 LTS.

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