NagVis 1.6 released

I must admit, I am a little late with these “news”. But in case you did not realize it yet: NagVis 1.6 has been released as new stable release of NagVis. It replaces the version 1.5.10.

NagVis 1.6 comes with a lot of new features and improvements. If you are using older versions of NagVis you should definitely take a look at the official announcement and the change logs of the different 1.6 pre releases which are linked from the download page on NagVis.org.

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  1. JonasNo Gravatar
    09:39 on April 12th, 2013


    I have installed a pc with centOS (newest version), and then i installed nagios, and afterwards i installed nagvis.

    I have created my own map in nagvis, and when i try to add a host on my own created map, i don’t have the opportunity to pick some of the host_names from nagios, where i have added all our routers in the company. I only have the opportunity to pick some host_names i dont know, and think is default in nagvis.

    some of the host_names i can pick is:

    muc_srv1 muc_srv2 muc_gw1 muc_printer1 muc_printer2 ham_gw1 ham_srv1 ham_srv2 cgn_gw1 cgn_srv1 cgn_srv2 cgn_srv3 host-up-hard-normal host-up-hard-downtime host-down-HARD-normal (there are more host_names i can pick, but dont know these, i have not created them in nagios)

    So what i’m asking you about, is: Are there any of you out there who knows what i should do, so i can watch the host_names i have created in nagios, so it would be possible to pick the host_names in nagvis.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Sincerely Jonas

    You can contact me here or on my e-mail jones_nielsen94@hotmail.com

    Looking forward to here from you.

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