nagstamon 0.9.5 released

Nagstamon Logo Nagstamon has been released in version 0.9.5. I haven’t written about Nagstamon before, so for a brief introduction: It is a program to display Nagios status information on your desktop in form of lists. The lists are mostly equal to the “problem lists” in Nagios. Nagstamon comes with a graphical user interface which is based on GTK. Nagstamon is highly portable, it works on Linux with KDE/Gnome, Windows 2000 to Windows 7, Mac OS X, and so on.

The main reason I am writing about this release is that it includes a new backend for talking to Check_MK’s Multisite using the brand new web service provided by Multisite.

I implemented this module several weeks ago for a customer which had problems with too many status.cgi requests on the Nagios system. With this backend the overhead of the status.cgi’s which generates a lot of load on larger Nagios systems is gone. The Check_MK Multisite server module for Nagstamon connects to the Multisite webservice which connects to one or several Nagios servers using Livestatus.

The Multisite webservice uses special views in Multisite. You can access and/or modify them by using the View Editor of Multisite. The customized views can be saved on a user base or for all users.

The server modules for Multisite is completely implemented. It supports all features of Nagstamon. It is also possible to reschedule “passive checks” generated by Check_MK using Nagstamon.

Thanks to Henri (the developer of Nagstamon) for helping and including the changes so fast!

The release includes several other interesting features, take a look at the official changelog for a full list. The new Nagstamon version can be downloaded here: Nagstamon 0.9.5.

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