MKLivestatus 1.1.2 released

MKLivestatus has been released in version 1.1.2 with the newest release of the check_mk package.

The biggest change of the new version is that MKLivestatus offers access to the Nagios logs via the MKLivestatus unix socket. With this improvement it is now possible to access all current status information from the Nagios core and all historical Nagios data from the Nagios log.

Additional to that major change there were several misc changes:

  • Added some new columns about Nagios status data to stable ‘status’
  • Added new table “comments”
  • Added logic for count of pending service and hosts
  • Added several new columns in table ‘status’
  • Added new columns flap_detection and obsess_over_services in table services
  • Fixed bug for double columns: filter truncated double to int
  • Added new column status:program_version, showing the Nagios version
  • Added new column num_services_pending in table hosts
  • Fixed several compile problems on AIX
  • Fixed bug: queries could be garbled after interrupted connection
  • Fixed segfault on downtimes:contacts
  • New feature: sum, min, max, avg and std of columns in new syntax of Stats:

With this release MKLivestatus has the potential to become the new standard for Nagios Addons for fetching status information from the Nagios core. It is dead simply and very performant to fetch the status information using MKLivestatus. As i’ve written before NagVis supports MKLivestatus as backend since NagVis 1.4.5. I recommend to throw away the NDO and migrate to MKLivestatus when you don’t need the NDO for anything else.

There is also a new Nagios webinterface in development which is called Thruk. It is kept in classic Nagios webinterface design but is perl based and uses MKLivestatus as data source.

The current version of MKLivestatus can be downloaded at the website of MKLivestatus.

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