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Nagios Logo Nagios is an Open Source solution to monitor complex IT infrastructures. Nagios can be used to perform alive checks to ensure the availability of networked systems. It is also possible to use Nagios for performance and capacity analyzes.

I write about Nagios cause I use it since several years. Over the time I collected much knowledge about Nagios and the surrounding projects. I contribute actively to the community writing and publishing plugins and maintaining the NagVis addon.

You like to read more about Nagios? You will find my latest posts regarding Nagios below. Also take a look at the right for my Nagios projects. Maybe you’re interested to rummage in the Nagios Knowledge base.


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  1. Chris KurtzNo Gravatar
    22:04 on May 22nd, 2007


    Thanks for the script, it works great for our servers (a mix of Fedora Core 1 and 4, running nagios 2.0b3) after a minor modification:

    The script sends the date as “mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss” for the us version, and the command script doesn’t like the nonnumerical characters, causing the submitted time to be the max 32bit int (4294967295), so nothing is ever scheduled.

    Replacing the “-” and ” ” characters with their hex (%) equivalents in the dates (“-” = “%2F” and ” ” = “%20”) makes this work:

      return $month."%2F".$mday."%2F".$year."%20".$hour."%3A".$min."%3A".$sec;



  2. LaMiNo Gravatar
    07:22 on May 24th, 2007

    Thanks Chris, i’ll add this to the next version.


  3. Wadud MiahNo Gravatar
    12:49 on December 14th, 2007

    Hi, do you know of a script that can connect to the web interface to determine the status of a host/service? I’m looking for something similar to what you’ve written, and simply returns Nagios-style exit codes.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. LaMiNo Gravatar
    13:08 on December 14th, 2007

    Which language do you need? For what do you want to use the script?

    If you use the NDO database you could get the state directly from the DB.

  5. Wadud MiahNo Gravatar
    17:19 on January 4th, 2008

    It can be in any language, but preferably in Perl. I require this script as I’ll be doing environmental monitoring in Nagios. This will then allow certain machines to determine if certain temperature checks have exceeded a fixed threshold by logging onto the Nagios web interface (via a script that I’m asking for), and if so, shutdown a number of machines and do other operations.

  6. MaxNo Gravatar
    14:37 on January 17th, 2008

    Thank you very much for this! I’ve been looking for something like this to schedule downtimes without having to log into the web interface. Much obliged.

  7. roshanNo Gravatar
    12:33 on August 11th, 2008

    hi..i have 1 query i wish to check ping status of server to client machines,right now i m checking every machine by seperatly pinging…i need a script that ping all the machines and will give automatic status the machine is in network or not……

  8. roshanNo Gravatar
    12:34 on August 11th, 2008

    hi..u r script is very nice…u r rocking…in linux…..

  9. roshanNo Gravatar
    12:36 on August 11th, 2008


  10. MichaelNo Gravatar
    14:36 on March 12th, 2009

    Where can I get the script?

  11. LaMiNo Gravatar
    21:15 on March 12th, 2009
  12. OverkillNo Gravatar
    01:50 on April 24th, 2009

    Will the script work with Nagios version 3.0.5? I tried it out and keep getting “HTTP Response code 4xx says “client error” (401)”

  13. resistanceproNo Gravatar
    07:20 on September 16th, 2010

    I getting the same error and I’ve found out that in the nagios.cfg file, the date_format was set to iso8601 and the nagios_downtime script was using “us”. I updated the script, and but still didn’t work.

    Nagios version: 3.2

    ./nagios_downtime -m add -t 2010-05-15 00:05:00 -S nagiosserver -p /nagios/cgi-bin -u testuser -P ****** -H hostname