I use this website to write about technical topics I am interested in. My focus is to write down some notes and more or less important howtos which could be useful for me or someone else in the future.

It’s a good thing for me to write the things down here: This way I need to give more time in completing the notes. The result is that the quality of these information is growing. At all it is much better to write about these things here instead of writing it to some paper or text files which will be put to the trash someday.

My spare time

Even in my spare time I can not completely refrain from the computers. All the time I have smaller or bigger projects which I focus in my spare time. For example I spend some time improving my HTPC system making it much more comfortable.

Another larger project of mine is NagVis. I’m working as developer and maintainer of NagVis now since several years. You may read some more detailed information on my NagVis history page.

My newest project is the kitchen pc based on the Beagleboard (-> stream radio, music player, multi timers, browser, weather forecasts, …). It is an embedded linux based pc system which has an attached seven inch touch screen. The system is based on a self-build linux distribution, X11 and an own user interfaces based on python, gtk and pyGTK. If you are interested in the details and latest news take a look at the beagleboard category.

Besides these never ending tasks I also have some interests beyond the cyberspace. Some of them are cooking, swimming, skiing.

The writer is a…

…system administrator
…IT consultant

This website is…

…just for fun
…my online note pad
…not free of misspelling