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Lars Michelsen

Hello there! My name is Lars Michelsen. I'm an IT expert from Germany. From my education I am mainly a system administrator. At the moment I mainly work as developer and consultant.

The focus of my job is on Open Source technologies. My special topics are System and Network monitoring solutions. Solving my daily tasks I use many different technologies.

You like to read more about me? Take a look at the About Me page.

Latest activities


Migrating F-Spot to Darktable

F-Spot was my favorite photo management program for the past years. In connection with GIMP as photo editor it was a good team. Again and again I came accross Windows users using Lightroom which seemed to make everything so easy. After some other photo editing session I reached the point where the limit was reached. […]


Install linux check_mk_agent on QNAP 495 NAS

The QNAP 495 NAS is running a custom linux operating system provided by QNAP. First we need make the xinetd available on the qnap device. It is possible to install an xinetd package using optware. This is a quick walk through the installation steps: If you do not have installed optware yet you need to […]


Mixed release notes (NagVis 1.6.4, nagios_downtime.vbs 0.8.3)

It’s been a while since my last post. I have so many different projects running that I had no time to write about them. So you have to be content with this short note. I just released a new version of the windows nagios downtime script (nagios_downtime.vbs). It has mainly been powered by a couple […]


NagVis 1.6 released

I must admit, I am a little late with these “news”. But in case you did not realize it yet: NagVis 1.6 has been released as new stable release of NagVis. It replaces the version 1.5.10. NagVis 1.6 comes with a lot of new features and improvements. If you are using older versions of NagVis […]


Photo autocopy from SD card

Copying photos from the SD card of my camera is a very common task. And always the same pattern. Take the card out of the camera, put it into the sd card reader, wait for the automount popup, browse to the picture directory, select all images, cut all images, browse to my photo directory, create […]


Fixing “show desktop” shortcut (hotkey) in Ubuntu 11.10.

After updating my ubuntu 10.04 installation I had to recognize that the shortcut for minimizing all windows to show the desktop has changed (It seem to be + + d after update). I don’t like that combination + d would be way better. So how to fix this? Solving this is a real quickie: Launch […]


Ubuntu 11.10: A lot of problems …

I decided to update my notebook from Ubuntu 11.04 to the newest release Ubuntu 11.10. I did not expect any big problems since I had no real problem with the last updates. But it was different this time. The update went smooth, some questions about changed config files but no real problems. One positive point: […]


Livestatus Slave 1.1 released

After some feedback from users I made several changes to the livestatus slave code and released it as version 1.1. Here is the list of changes: FIX: Fixed config typo for TCP sockets Query types and tables are now configurable using the config option queryTypes and queryTables Added optional support for JSONP requests It is […]


Nagios is dead? No, it is not!

There is not much progress in Nagios development – it is visible since a couple of years. This is what it looks like when one checks out the Nagios Core sources, mailing lists and so on. This could lead us to the question: Is there something happening under the surface which we don’t see? Maybe one day a brand new Nagios Core 4.x is released as big bang and from one day to the other everything changes? Well, I don’t think so.

But why do we care about the development of the Nagios Core so much? Do we really miss important features there?


Simply amazing: Running Linux in JavaScript

I am really, really, really impressed: JSLinux